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It’s time to go head to head on the ice with a thrilling game of broomball! Heartwood Resort offers areas of ice to anyone looking to participate in a rousing game. In broomball, players work on two teams. Each player has a stick and works to get the ball into a goal. The team with the most goals win!

In winter, the beautiful lakes at Heartwood Resort freeze over. They provide the perfect opportunity for all sorts of resort activities, including skating and broomball. If you’ve never tried this game, here is the perfect opportunity to get on the action!

There is no need to bring your own brooms and ball. We have everything you need at Heartwood for this sport. So come out to Heartwood Resort and see who in the family will come out as the broomball champion!

A gentleman ice fishing on a frozen lake.

From time to time, Heartwood Resort hosts events and gatherings that are open to the public! We welcome everyone to participate and celebrate in our public events!

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