3 Tips for a Successful Corporate Retreat

Getting ready for a corporate getaway for your office means a lot of planning, and here at Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat, we have everything you need for a successful stay. Our meeting facilities, accommodations, and added downtime options let your team make the most out of your trip. Corporate retreats often have a different setting than if, say, you were on a family vacation. There are meetings and goals, maybe you have to discuss some difficult topics, but in the end, you persevere.Merriam Webster defines success as achieving a favorable or desired outcome.

That desired outcome can mean completing the goals of your meeting, that started bright and early in the morning, to your team building activities later in the day. Here at the top Wisconsin Conference Center, success means what you make of your stay – was is helpful, did you complete your goals? How will you define the success of your company, its profits, and your employees?

Here are three tips for a successful corporate retreat with the leading Wisconsin Conference Center.

Prep Before You Leave

Planning for your corporate trip is going to be the number one thing you will want to do from the start! You have to spend time prepping, getting your powerpoint ready, as well as your talking points. Beyond that, what time are you going to let your team break for some much-needed relaxation? There are a lot of things to do when on your retreat, and planning ahead offers some much-needed stress-release, so you’re not scrambling to get things done when everyone begins to arrive.

Add Downtime

You’ll want to be sure to plan for downtime when on your retreat with your team. Team Building activities can inspire employees and offers a great way to let loose from the struggles of a typical day. Plus, it’s fun to hang out and get to know your teammates beyond the walls of your office. You can add downtime into any day, whether it’s in the form of icebreakers before your meetings or the variety of activities that we offer throughout the day. Breaks also allow members of your group to recollect, relax, and rejuvenate their mind so that they are ready to start fresh and new when they return to the office!

Pick A Facilitating Venue

When looking for a spot to host your corporate event, look no further than our beautiful Wisconsin Conference Center. Heartwood offers facilities that are outstanding, from board meetings to the use of our conference center and our added meeting amenities. They all meld together to create an unbelievable experience your team will talk about well after returning to the office. Take a look at our meeting planner kit to learn more about what we offer for retreats and corporate events!

However you plan to enjoy your time at Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat, know that you’ll be at the best Wisconsin Conference Center for your corporate meeting. Enjoy the great outdoors of Wisconsin and our lovely accommodations, as well as our fantastic meeting spaces. Use our tips to help make for a successful event during your time with us in Northern WI!