5 Amazing Ice Fishing Lakes in Northern Wisconsin

At Heartwood Resort, we fancy ourselves as pros when it comes to winter in Wisconsin. As hosts, we love to point our guests to our beautiful area’s best spots and experiences. For a true winter fishing experience, you must try ice fishing in Northern Wisconsin. 

Ice fishing is a centuries-old pastime that can be a great one of a kind experience for any family. Although there are way more, here are our top five lakes for ice fishing in our area. Each with breathtaking views, room to stretch out, and a reasonable distance from our resort.

Ice fishing isn’t the only thing we have to offer this winter! Feel free to try cross country skiing, broomball, and ice skating as well. Visit us online today to begin your winter adventure! 

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What is Ice Fishing?

Without getting too historical, ice fishing has been a part of northern America since the beginning. At its most basic, ice fishing consists of drilling a hole into stable ice, dropping a line, and enjoying the outdoors.

Some fishing enthusiasts will also construct sheds to keep warm while on the ice fishing trip. They are small shelters with no bottom, so you can stay warm and still easily fish. Perfect for a long day on the lake. 

The views alone are enough for these lakes to make our list of the best Ice Fishing lakes in Northern Wisconsin. Think mountains, snow, open nature and maybe a stay at our place, of course. Each of these lakes is also beautiful in the warm months.  

According to Environmental Education for Kids, ice fishing makes up ¼ of the fishing in the state of Wisconsin. The article also points out that you will need a fishing license to go fishing on any of these lakes. 

You can easily obtain your license by following this link. Licenses are mandatory for anyone wanting to fish, whether they’re a resident or passing through the area. 

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Best Ice Fishing in North Wisconsin

Black Oak Lake 

This beautiful sprawling lake covers an area of 564 acres and a maximum depth of 85 feet. The fishing is steady and lasts from December to May every year. The long season means that you have plenty of time to go and enjoy yourself. 

Black Oak is the home of several fish species; Lake Trout, Walleyed Pike, and Bass, to name a few. Regional wildlife includes moose, swans, and loons, which are a type of duck. 

The lake rests just below the Michigan and Wisconsin border and is easily accessible. 

Lake Alice 

One of the bigger lakes in Wisconsin, Lake Alice, spans 1438 acres and is 32 feet deep at maximum depth.

Its fish include Large and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and so many more. There are five boat decks to park your boat in warmer months. Throughout the winter, evergreen trees line the lake, creating a true winter wonderland. 

There is a wide variety of wildlife that call Lake Alice home. Not only the types of fish that we have discussed, but bald eagles, loons, and different kinds of frogs. 

Fun fact: Lake Alice was named by local men after a woman who was an avid angler fisher who frequented the lake. Alice’s fishing spot was by the dam nearby, and she always had luck fishing in this spot.

 Dairyland Reservoir 

If you’re in Rusk County, a great fishing spot is the Dairyland Reservoir. Since 2007, this has been a favorite local spot to fish. 

The Dairyland Reservoir covers 1870 acres, so there is plenty of room for you and your family to spread out. The water’s maximum depth is 70 feet and hosts several types of fish, including 

  • Musky
  • Walleye 
  • Northern Pike 
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Catfish 
  • Sturgeon

Like most lakes on this list, the Dairyland Reservoir is a catch and release lake. Meaning that you must return the fish to the lake after they’ve been caught. 

A must-see while at Dairyland Reservoir is the Flambeau Hydroelectric Station. The Station has been producing electricity for the area since 1951. While not open to the public, it is indeed an interesting landmark. 

Boom Lake

Spread over 365 acres, Boom Lake is a hot spot for Pan Fishing. You won’t need a pan, though, to catch them. These game fish get their name because they don’t typically grow bigger than a frying pan. 

Other fish that call Boom Lake home is Musky, Northern Pike, and Large and Smallmouth Bass. If you find yourself needing bait or gear, you can stop into their bait shop to stock up!

Avid outdoor enthusiasts and Walleye are not the only ones who feel at home when at Boom Lake. Some lucky residents have beautiful homes along the lake as well. 

Lake Onalaska 

Lake Onalaska is quite interesting because it is located on both the Mississippi and Black Rivers. Specifically where the rivers meet between Minnesota and Wisconsin. During the winter months, the lake is a great fishing spot and is beautiful to view. 

Panfish are the biggest population in the lake. While not as big as Winnebego, Lake Onalaska has 839 acres for you and your family to spread out on. The maximum depth of the lake is 40 feet. 

We believe that these are some of the best Ice Fishing lakes in Northern Wisconsin. They represent the natural wonder of our area and can be visited year-round. 

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Winter Wonderland 

Ice Fishing has been around for centuries. If you are visiting Heartwood Resort, Ice Fishing can become an experience your family talks about for years to come. Ice Fishing is just one of the activities that we offer.

Activities such as Ice Skating, Snow Shoeing, and Snowmobiling are some of our favorites. If having the right equipment is a worry for you, we’re on it. Heartwood Resort happily rents equipment for our guests. 

Since 2000, we have welcomed guests into our rooms, cottages, cabins, and homes. Our facilities also host weddings, business conferences, and retreats. Contact us today to start making memories!