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Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball

Sports are a key part of any thrilling vacation. And there’s nothing better than teaming up to take down the others in a game of volleyball! Our sand volleyball court is always ready for a friendly competition. Jump high and hit hard to keep the ball from touching the ground and get it back over to the other team’s side.

Whether one-on-one, three-on-three, or an exciting free-for-all of friends and family, you’ll love the exercise and fun of sand volleyball. And when it’s all over, everyone can enjoy a refreshing jump in the lake before dinner time. Sand volleyball is just another way Heartwood Resort’s activities keep your family active and having fun!

A gentleman ice fishing on a frozen lake.

From time to time, Heartwood Resort hosts events and gatherings that are open to the public! We welcome everyone to participate and celebrate in our public events!

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