ATV Tours in Northern Wisconsin

Summer is in full swing, and all of the ATV trails in Washburn County, WI,  are ready to get ripped! This dynamic matrix is an intricate system that loops throughout the county and abroad, sending riders through an exciting assortment of dense forests, panoramic pastures, and sprawling wetlands. With over 100 miles of trails, intertwined with the expansive Wild Rivers and Tuscobia state trails, ATV tours offer an adrenaline-fueled way to explore the Northwoods. Located in Trego, WI, the heart of “Vacationland,” Heartwood Resort & Conference Center is your gateway to an unforgettable retreat. 

Explore Washburn County, WI

Because many of these trails connect to neighboring counties, you’ll find a seemingly endless number of possibilities! While it’s not too difficult to hop on your four-wheeler and head to the nearest trail, we think it would be highly beneficial to check out some of our suggestions to maximize your time on the best ATV trails in Northern Wisconsin. Be sure to check out the Washburn County ATV Scenic Tour Map to get an idea of what you can find along your way.

Washburn County Forest

A large portion of the ATV trails in Washburn County, WI, reside within the designated county forests. Thanks to mindful conservation and maintenance practices, the Washburn County Forest is approximately 150 thousand acres of sustainably managed woodlands that provide recreation for residents and visitors alike. Trail conditions can vary depending on which tract of land you are riding, so be mindful of changing circumstances and be ready to adapt on your ATV tour. 

Tuscobia State Trail

Tuscobia State Trail was made from the now decommissioned Omaha Line, a former railway and once integral thoroughfare for Northern Wisconsin’s farming and logging industry. Since 1968, this renowned 74-mile recreational corridor has connected the northern counties of Barron, Washburn, and Sawyer from east to west. It has also served as a great ATV tour, allowing patrons to discover the hidden gems and other attractions. While the Tuscobia Trail is open to the public, users should proceed with caution as some sections are still under development. 

A jubilant couple poses for a selfie shot while sitting aboard their four-wheeler.

Wild Rivers State Trail

Also a former railroad route, the Wild Rivers State Trail is a 104-mile stretch running north and south, connecting the counties of Barron, Douglas, and Washburn. The treasured woodlands and waterways here allow riders to immerse themselves in these enriching surroundings as they rip and tear through picturesque Northern Wisconsin. The aptly named ATV tour crosses through many rivers, including the Namekagon, a protected tributary of the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway.  

Getaway to Northern Wisconsin with Heartwood Resort

The ATV trails in Washburn County, WI, are just one of the many ways visitors can experience this stunning region this summer. Heartwood Resort, in the heart of Northern Wisconsin, provides elegant accommodations for those seeking a warm-weather refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s no secret that time slows down in the Northwoods, so why not hitch a ride on the “Leisure Express?” For more information on how we can facilitate your stay, please visit us online or call us at 800-577-4848.