Explore the Best ATV Trails in Northern Wisconsin

ATV enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best places to ride. They are looking for destinations surrounded by wilderness and natural beauty.

They are looking for long, extensive trail systems that offer hours and days of exciting riding. And they are looking for trails that offer plenty of ways to stay, relax, and play along the way.

If that sounds like you, then it’s time to check out ATV trails in northern Wisconsin. While not typically on most people’s radar, northern Wisconsin boasts some of the best ATV opportunities in the Midwest.

If you’d like to spend hours and hours riding beautiful, well-maintained trails, then it’s time to plan a visit to northern Wisconsin. Here’s what you need to know about riding your ATV around northern Wisconsin.

Why Northern Wisconsin Is an Off-Road Paradise

Three people riding orange ATV's on ATV trails in Northern Wisconsin

The trail systems of Northern Wisconsin are growing, making this an ATV destination that competes with any other in the country. Countless clubs and organizations across the state are dedicated to building, maintaining, and connecting these trails for the betterment of all riders.

As a result, you can head to almost any county in the state’s northern half and find a network of trails open to ATV use. 

And these aren’t your typical trails. When you ride in Wisconsin, you are surrounded by natural beauty everywhere you turn. The sprawling forests, thousands of scenic lakes, streams, rivers, and endless dirt paths make this a destination that any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy.

Many communities are built up around ATV trails. Hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, bars, and other businesses are conventionally located near many of the trail systems, so you can park and relax at any time. 

Ready to find your new favorite riding destination? Grab your trail maps and head to Northern Wisconsin right away. 

ATV Trails In Northern Wisconsin

A green sign with an ATV marking an ATV trail in Northern Wisconsin.

There are countless areas to explore with your ATV in northern Wisconsin. If you like chasing waterfalls, consider a visit to Douglas county, which borders Lake Superior and Minnesota.

The 82-mile trail system will take you to Big Manitou Falls, the state’s tallest waterfall, along with Amnicon Falls, another local favorite. Located nearby, the trails around Ashland are especially scenic as you pass through state forests and natural areas. 

The Washburn County trail system boasts more than 150 miles of trails thanks to its 49,000 acres of forest that are open to motor vehicles. The Tuscobia Trail extends for 74 miles along an old grade historically used by the railroads. It takes you from Birchwood to Park Falls.

The Wild Rivers Trail, a favorite among ATV riding enthusiasts, is another made up of old, abandoned railroad grade. This trail takes you along 96 scenic miles, 40 of which run through Washburn County. 

You can take multiple loops around the county, making your own scenic tour. Over 35 points of interest, including scenic rivers, fish-filled lakes, stone archways, and historic towns like Trego, dating back to the late 1800s, dot the trail systems here. 

And Burnett County offers 57 miles of summer-ready trails, with over a hundred winter and frozen ground trails for your cold-weather adventures. The trail systems of Burnett County link up with trails in both Douglas and Washburn counties.

You don’t have to travel far when you stay at Heartwood Resort for your ATV trip. The rustic resort is just a short ATV/UTV ride from both Webb Lake (Douglas County) and Danbury, WI (Burnett County). There’s no need to load and unload your vehicles when the trails are accessible by ATV. It couldn’t be more convenient to stay so close to some of the most popular ATV trails in Northern Wisconsin.

Best Time to Ride In Northern Wisconsin

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Are you wondering when the best time to ride in Wisconsin is? In Washburn County, where some of the best trails in Northern Wisconsin are located, ATV trails open for use on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. This makes it easy to plan a Memorial Day trip on fresh trails. 

Trails remain open to ATV use all summer and into the fall and winter. Summer is a great time to ride, as the lush, green scenery is especially pleasing. Just be sure to pack plenty of extra water, as the heat and humidity can make riding challenging. 

Fall is a favorite for ATV use due to the beautiful breathtaking colors here in Northern Wisconsin. The temperatures are crisp, making for the perfect riding conditions. 

Planning Your Off-Road Adventure

Golden Eagle Back Hot Tub

Taking your ATV out for a spin is much more fun when you can do it all weekend long. It’s even better if you can spend a week exploring miles and miles of ATV trails in the wilderness.

Northern Wisconsin is the perfect place to plan an ATV getaway. At Heartwood Resort, there are hundreds of miles of beautiful, scenic Wisconsin ATV trails in Washburn County right outside our property gates. 

Bring your friends, your kids, and your ATVs, and spend your entire vacation exploring backroads and wooded trails in Cheese Country. 

No matter how you like to enjoy the woods, we have the perfect accommodation for you. If you prefer the comforts of a hotel, you can stay at one of our 52 hotel-style rooms at our lakeside lodge. When you aren’t busy shredding some new trails, you can take your fishing pole outside to catch some bass, pike, and panfish.

Or, if you prefer the comforts of home, you can book one of our ten duplex cabins or one of our four private homes that come equipped with a full kitchen and plenty of space for the whole family.

Are you bringing an entire group? We have four lakeside cottages located next to one another, perfect for multiple families traveling together. 

You can bring your own ATVs and park them in the designated area. Or you can rent ATVs from a local outfitter, Throttle RX Rentals – UTV Rentals in Danbury, WI. When you are ready to hit the trails in the morning, rev up your engine and start down one of the trails that begin just outside the property.

Heartwood Resort is the perfect home base for your ATV trip. Hundreds of miles of recreational trails are available right here in Trego, with plenty of other iconic destinations located nearby.

Enjoy Northern Winsconsin’s Best Trails Year-Round

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With an abundance of ATV trails in northern Wisconsin, you’ll find that this is the adventure paradise you’ve been looking for.

After visiting Heartwood Resort for an ATV vacation, you’ll find yourself itching to return so you can hit up the local mountain bike trails or put your snowmobile to work in the winter. Our trails are perfect year-round!So what are you waiting for? Book your stay at Heartwood Resort today so you can enjoy all of the ATV trails the state of Wisconsin has to offer.