Tubing on the Namekagon River

Situated alongside the beautiful Namekagon River is the Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat. A stay here will guarantee views of the deep woods that surround the retreat, the chance to explore the new neighboring lakes, and of course, tons of activities to do on the National Scenic Riverway: The Namekagon River. The resort offers tons of outdoor activities, especially in the warmer months. From mountain biking to hiking to ATV’s, there is plenty for everyone to do alongside the protected Namekagon River. But nothing beats an adventure in the river itself. This Wisconsin lake resort also gives opportunities for Namekagon River tubing—where you’ll float down one of Wisconsin’s famous rivers, and have the time of your life.

The Namekagon River

The Namekagon River is protected by the National Parks Service, who have recognized it as a National Scenic Riverway, which means, the only way to truly appreciate its beauty is to ride the waves of the Namekagon River itself. The Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat does offer tours for Namekagon River tubing, which means you can have all the adventure, and all the comfort of your stay in one beautiful Wisconsin lake resort. 

The Namekagon River begins at the similarly named Lake Namakagon and was used as a highway for the transportation of timber during the 1800s. On this Namekagon River tubing tour, you’ll get to ride that highway, which means you’ll get the chance to experience the history of the area as well as the scenic views, all while on the most beautiful ride of your life! 

Namekagon River Tubing

On a Namekagon River tubing tour, you’ll get to enjoy spending time in the water itself, all while enjoying the scenery surrounding this Wisconsin lake resort. Your Namekagon River tubing adventure will take between 1 and 3.5 hours, so make sure you set aside your afternoon if you want to experience the Namekagon River for all it has to offer. The Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat offers rentals of all types of equipment fit for the river, including everything you might need for a tubing tour in the Namekagon River. 

It’s also important to make sure you’re aware of the Namekagon River’s daily conditions, so you and your friends or family can have the best time you possibly can while out exploring the scenic riverway. Both a map of the Namekagon River itself and the river’s conditions are conveniently available online. 

Wisconsin Lake Resorts

The peaceful Wisconsin lake resort, the Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat is the perfect way to immerse yourself in Wisconsin’s amazing woodland scenery and lose yourself in nature on your next vacation. The best way to experience all of the surrounding area that this Wisconsin lake resort has to offer is to hop on the National Scenic Riverway like people used to during the timber boom 200 years ago. Having the chance to take a Namekagon River tubing tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will provide you with more than just a relaxing afternoon on the river. While on this tour of the Namekagon River, you’ll not only get to enjoy Wisconsin’s natural scenery, but you’ll also be making memories along the way to last a lifetime.