Whether you’re tubing down the Namekagon River or trekking through the Northern Wisconsin wilderness, spending time outdoors is one of the essential things to do in Trego, Wisconsin. With so many forests, lakes, rivers, and trails, Heartwood Resort & Conference Center is at the hub of Northern Wisconsin’s “Vacationland” and promises to provide unrivaled accommodations on your Wisconsin vacation. 

A Few Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors

With all of life’s responsibilities, it can sometimes be challenging to find the motivation to get out and get moving. You may have strong intentions of getting out and enjoying open spaces, but by the time you finish your workday, you only want to relax on the couch. It’s okay to get a little R&R, but how about reclaiming some of your energy by just going outside? For years scientists, doctors, and psychologists have implored us to spend more time outside and give you a nudge, we want to share with you a shortlist of the scientific benefits gained from being outdoors.

Being Outside Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed that exercising outside is less exhausting than indoors? That’s because our body reacts differently depending on our environments. One minor study showed that cyclists who rode a stationary bike in front of green video footage reported less exhaustion than their cohorts who pedaled in front of grey and red simulations. Scientists now theorize that trees, grass, and other plants may boost our psychological health during exertion, and Northern Wisconsin has all of the above. 

Sunlight is Good for Your Vision

Now obviously, no one should stare into the sun. Still, researchers from across the globe have found that the lack of sunlight exposure likely leads to higher cases of myopia—or nearsightedness. The research shows strong evidence indicating that elementary school students who recreate outside are less likely to become visually impaired. Doctors now recommend two to three hours of sunlight per day for children, which probably isn’t a bad idea for adults either.

Being Outside Can Improve Your Mood

best hiking in northern wisconsinResearchers at Stanford University learned that walking for 90 minutes in a wilderness setting decreased activity in the part of the brain associated with depression. On the other hand, those who walked around in an urban setting experienced little to no change in the same brain region. Even just having a plant in the room can reduce anger and anxiety, imagine the positive impact the Northern Wisconsin wilderness could have on your mood!

Get Outside in Northern Wisconsin at Heartwood Resort

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