Top 5 Meals at Pine Lodge Restaurant in Trego, WI

The Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat is located in Northern Wisconsin, adjacent to the Namekagon River. Amongst the beautiful wildlife of the surrounding area, there is plenty to do during your stay at this Wisconsin lake resort. After your long day of exploring the great Wisconsin outdoors, you’ll surely be hungry, and ready for a fantastic meal at the Heartwood’s restaurant: Pine Lodge. Out of all the restaurants in Trego, WI, Pine Lodge is an excellent choice for your next Wisconsin family vacation.

Pine Lodge Restaurant

The Pine Lodge Restaurant is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for various meals, and they just came out with a brand new and exciting menu for lunch and dinner this summer, which is just in time for everyone’s next Wisconsin family vacation. The menu features extensive meals perfect for everyone in your travel group to this Wisconsin lake resort. 

BBQ Platters

While the menu comes with an extensive list of starters for you to begin your meal with, the real magic lies in their BBQ platters. Here, this amazing Trego, WI restaurant will give you the chance to build your own meal, with your choice of either 1 meat and 1 side, 2 meats and 2 sides, or 3 meats and 3 sides, which would either allow you, or your entire table (depending on how hungry you are!) to get the whole flavor palette of every meat this restaurant prides itself on. The meats range from their pulled pork to their smoke-roasted turkey breast, and you’ll also get your choice of sauces to go along with your meal.


Of course, being a Wisconsin lake resort, the Pine Lodge Restaurant has to have an extensive seafood menu. There are three different choices when it comes to seafood, but if you’re having trouble making a decision, the Cajun-seared Walleye is, as they say, “Northwoods favorite fish.” This is definitely the most popular dish off their seafood menu as it’s cooked in white wine. The meal will come with your choice of two sides as well.

Baby Back Ribs

If you’re trying to find something big enough to serve more than one person on your next Wisconsin family vacation, the baby back ribs might just be the way to go. They have the option to order either a half or a full rack, but if you’re there with your entire family, it might be a good idea to go with the full and share the meal with your loved ones (or just eat the whole thing yourself—it’s that good!). This delicious option at this restaurant in Trego, WI, comes with your choice of two sides.


On your next Wisconsin family vacation, you’re bound to come across some picky eaters, which means, it’s a good thing that the Pine Lodge Restaurant serves a classic hamburger. This is always an excellent option for those members of the family who just don’t know what they want, and the burger at this Trego, WI restaurant doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be able to order it with or without cheese, and it comes on a fluffy brioche bun, served with your favorite classic burger toppings.


After your meal and before you return to your day at this Wisconsin lake resort, there’s no way you could skip dessert, especially when this restaurant in Trego, WI offers such unique after-meal sweets. The best and most unique choice you could go with is the deep-fried brownie, which comes served with caramel ice cream and fudge sauce. 

Wisconsin Family Vacation

Your Wisconsin family vacation just wouldn’t be complete without a few delicious meals. This is where the Pine Lodge Restaurant comes in, featuring succulent, diverse meals that are sure to satisfy the cravings of any member of your travel party, putting the literal cherry on top of your fantastic day at the gorgeous Wisconsin lake resort: the Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat.