Snowshoeing Though Your Wisconsin Winter Vacation

Snowshoeing is becoming popular in Wisconsin. It is a fantastic workout that requires little coordination. Family members young and old can participate in the activity! 

Snowshoeing is a lovely way to explore the winter wonderland of Wisconsin. There are many trail options for snowshoeing in Wisconsin, and Heartwood Resort has several. On their trails, you can embrace the quiet of winter nature, the shimmering lakes blanket with ice, and the hills sprinkled with lacy white. 

If you are looking for places to snowshoe in Wisconsin, then look no further than Heartwood Resort. Heartwood Resort is located in Trego, WI, near Spooner, Webb Lake, Hayward, and Danbury. Trails are also found in nearby communities if you desire further exploration. 

In this article, we tackle snowshoeing through your Wisconsin winter vacation. 

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Why You Should Try Snowshoeing in Wisconsin


Snowshoeing is relatively inexpensive. Compared to cross-country skiing, it is a much more economical way to explore Wisconsin’s beautiful trails. You can always spend more money on fancy equipment, but snowshoe rental or buying second-hand are popular ways to save money. 

Heartwood Resort does offer rental gear for those who do not have snowshoe equipment. 

Easy to Use

Snowshoes are easy to use. Indeed it is the same as walking, just with platforms instead of shoes. People find the most challenging part is strapping them on your feet, which is also not too difficult. 

They Do Not Take Up Space

Ski equipment can make a space disorganized between winter gear, skis, and poles. Snowshoes limit the chaos in the environment as they require limited storage space. People also love that they do not take up much space in the car. 

They Also Can Be Used Seasonally

Snowshoeing in Wisconsin is unpredictable. As you explore trails in the spring and fall, you may run into areas of snow and wish you had your snowshoes. Many hikers strap their snowshoes on their backpacks, so they can easily access them when they run into snow on the trail. 

Wonderful on Difficult Terrain

While snowshoeing in Wisconsin, you may explore trails that are steep or have accumulated deep snow. If you were on cross-country skis, you might have difficulty blasting past the obstacle. Snowshoes make crossing difficult terrain possible when the conditions are not ideal. 

Deep Woods Exploration

You’ll find many trails mapped and marked for deep woods exploration. Tracks often loop over several miles so you may take in the scenery and watch nature unfold. On snowshoe trails, you can often explore areas difficult to access on skis.

Deep trails and incredible scenery are reasons to fall in love with snowshoeing in Wisconsin. 

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What Trails are There to Explore at Heartwood? 

Why should you choose Heartwood as your preferred destination for snowshoeing in Wisconsin? They offer four incredible trails to explore at the resort. 

  • South Trail: 1.8 km
  • East Trail: .9 km
  • Oakwood Trail: 1.5 km
  • West Trail: 1.6 km

Heartwood Resort also has several ski trails and snowmobile trails so you can explore other activities during your stay. All tracks are easily accessible from the resort and cottages, so there is no need to travel. Walk out your door and start snowshoeing! 

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Other Trails Popular for Snowshoeing in Wisconsin 

After you have mastered the trails at Heartwood, you may want to explore other nearby snowshoe trails. Here are some favorite tracks of locales: 

Namekagon River

Namekagon River is host to the Trego Lake Trail, which is part of the National Park System. It’s an ideal place to explore snowshoeing in Wisconsin. The trail follows the banks of the river, with gorgeous scenery and plenty of snowfall. 

Camba Trails

The Camba trails are located between Hayward and Cable. Not too far from Heartwood Resort. It is a network of trails more than 300 miles, marked and mapped around six clusters. The tracks wrap through the towns of Hayward, Seely, Cable, Drummond, Delta, and Namekagon.

North End Snowshoe Trails

These trails are located in Cable, WI, which is 43 minutes from Heartwood Resort. To access the tracks you want to start at the Cable History Museum, drive two miles on Randysek Road until you find the three marked loops in the woods. 

Why Should I Choose Heartwood for My Winter Vacation Destination? 

Heartwood Resort is open and ready to host your winter vacation. It is THE destination for discovering the beauty of Wisconsin in the winter. You’ll find winter activities the whole family can enjoy. 

  • Cross country skiing- over 20 km of scenic groomed trails. Rental equipment is available for cross country skiing. 
  • Snow tubing and sledding hills- bring out the kid in you and jump in a tube! 
  • Broomball- learn this popular ice game that is just as exhilarating as hockey!
  • Ice skating on the lake ice- ice skating in nature gives a peaceful twist to the popular sport. 
  • Ice fishing (catch and release)- If you have never ice fished, discover why it is such a popular bonding activity among friends and family. 
  • Snowmobile trail connecting to Wisconsin Trail #8- snowmobiling is a local favorite and celebrated winter vacation activity. 

Though many desire to go somewhere warm for winter vacation destinations, there is something to be said for taking vacations in the north. There are so many winter games to enjoy, beauty to behold, and memories to make in the snow. You do not have to go far to have a fantastic time with those who mean the most to you. 

Book Your Winter Destination Vacation at Heartwood Resort

You’ll find Heartwood Resort tucked among 700 acres of Wisconsin wilderness. Heartwood is an incredible destination for a Wisconsin winter vacation because of the beautiful scenery and fantastic amenities. 

Heartwood Resort is a popular destination because of its extraordinary commitment to customer service. Staff wants you to relax during your getaway, have fun, and be stress-free. 

Heartwood also is open to host conferences, meetings, and weddings- regardless of the season! Reservation requests are available for interested parties. 

Contact us today and book your snowshoe Wisconsin Winter Vacation. We can’t wait to meet you!