Heartwood Conference Center is a property of Thrivent Financial, who strives to serve both their members and community by guiding them to live generously and be wise with money.  Heartwood Conference Center helps Thrivent achieve that goal by offering a vacation place for families, individuals, and groups to relax and grow in the pristine Northwoods of Wisconsin.

What’s Thrivent Financial?

Thrivent Financial is a Fortune 500 not-for-profit financial services organization headquartered in Minnesota and Wisconsin. When it comes to selecting financial services providers, there is a wide range of choices. While others see money as a goal, Thrivent sees it as a tool to serve God, your family, and your community. Their one-of-a-kind membership organization: Fraternal Benefit Society. By definition, Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit organization that provides insurance to its members, as well as carry out social, intellectual, charitable, benevolent, moral, educational, fraternal, patriotic or religious purposes to benefit its members and the public. So, they don’t merely sell insurance, and they don’t simply do charitable work either. As a fraternal benefit society, they do both whiles also helping Thrivent members to be wise on their money journeys.

Heartwood Conference Center

Thrivent Financial invested in Heartwood Conference Center to carry out and complement their organization’s mission, illustrating their core values in a unique approach. They wanted to offer an experience of togetherness, and overall wellness for the benefit of the Christian community and others. While the vast majority of the buildings and landscaping have remained the same, Thrivent has made some significant improvements, like purchasing the north end of the original property, supplementing signage and building the ‘Welcome Center’ along with additional landscaping and promenade,  as well as adding twenty new hotel rooms. As Heartwood continues to grow, it remains a perfect setting for corporate meetings and church retreats, as well as family reunions, weddings, personal vacations, and so much more.

Book your stay at Heartwood Conference Center for your next group gathering for a relaxing time amongst the lingering fall colors and before the first snowflakes.